Consulting services

We also offer in depth consulting services. Plant layout, design, renovation, quality assurance, training of personnel, maximize extraction rates, lower power consumption - everything to make your business the most competitive in the 21th century. Our expertise is all encompassing and waiting to serve you.

Technology consulting and engineering

Our specially trained engineers apply their know-how profitably also to our customers' projects. Our consulting services are based on an integral approach to ensure sustainable solutions offering an optimal cost-to-benefit ratio. AMG development engineers work in teams across the boundaries of individual projects and business units to generate innovative solutions.

Our technology consulting and engineering services include especially:
  • Design and development of new processes and production systems
  • Fine-tuning of plant and equipment processes
  • Start-up of production systems with high uptime
  • Preparation of investment decisions
  • Comprehensive process technology consulting
  • General project management and engineering
  • Consulting in the field of international standards
  • Analyses and identification of needs
  • Customized project organization

In all our projects, we focus on clear project goals, realistic budgeting and scheduling, and smooth communications. If you wish to learn more about our technology consulting and engineering services, please contact us.

AMG Flour Mill Project Layout