American Milling Group - Corn Fractionation process and its equipment is a unique system in itself by emphasizing on:

Group Unit Corn Degermination / Fractionation Process, that enhances group flexibility and total independence from the entire fractionation plant. American Milling Group, LLC utilizes the latest corn milling degermination process technology to maximize the removal of the germ and the bran from the kernel of corn to maximize the yield of dried, degermed corn ( DDC ) with minimum electrical power consumption and drastically reducing the gallons of make up water per gallon of ethanol.

With this special AMG process we can state the following:

  • Very low & affordable capital cost for the project is required.
  • Lower operating cost.
  • Maximize the schedule running time for the ethanol plant due to this special design.
  • High flexibility in preventative maintenance and minimization of unscheduled down times.
  • Lower horse power requirements.
  • Low horse power plant utilization.
  • High corn milling fractionation.
  • Minimal starch loss in the fractionation process.

American Milling Group, LLC has a proven technology for high yields and low operating cost in grain milling operations.

  • Competitive sourcing of quality milling equipment using experienced engineering skills and technical know how.
  • Quality control by experienced project and highly skilled engineering management team.
  • Total in house expertise for new projects, plant expansions or upgrades.
  • Steel structure construction buildings.
  • Global coverage to meet any local requirements and conditions.