Company Profile

American Milling Group is a leading American based technology and engineering design services company active internationally in the research, design, equipment supply, and implementation of all spectrums in projects specialized to the Agri-Industrial sector. Specifically, but not exclusively, this includes all grain processing plants such as :

  • Grain silo operations and weighing .
  • Ship unloading systems & Grain silo storage bins with transport systems .
  • Flour mills - Durum wheat Semolina mills - Corn mills - Rye mills - Oat mills -
  • Whole wheat mill Stones .
  • Rice mills - Par boiled rice -Milling rice into flour granualation .
  • Feed Mills complete .
  • Specialty Milling - High Impact milling - Disc milling .
  • Wheat germ special recovery applications in milling systems .
  • Flour bulk terminals - Flour mixing plants with micro and macro doser applications for special ingredients .
  • Grain - Wheat - Flour - Seed & Pulses weighers - packaging systems
  • from 1 Kg to big bags .
  • Yield management control in plants .
  • Pneumatic handling systems & Flour dust filtration systems .
  • Cereal processing comprising of high tech .Color Sorting technology :
  • Corn Degerminating - Grain Hulling equipment .
  • Pulses plants - Seed cleaning plants - Bulgur plants .
  • Pasta complete plants for the industry .
  • Breakfast cereal foods and snack industry .

General industrial aspiration , heavy type cyclones for the grain , cement and the steel industry .

Electrical automation application and controls use of advance software designs and use of PLC .

The milling segment develops, implements, improves and provide products and technologies that harness resources for the milling industry.

American Milling Group attributes its success to a team of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced personnel that includes technical engineers, construction experts, flow design engineering, project installations and operations experts.

American Milling Group provides its services for companies and projects of all sizes worldwide. The company was founded by Jim T. Tsikhlakis and is headquartered in Jackson, Missouri - U.S.A.